PICTURED: Memorial Day Work & Play Volunteers joined together to enjoy camp and help prepare for the coming summer camping season.

Preparing for the coming summer!

Camp is grateful for the work & play that was enjoyed over the Memorial Day weekend. Twenty-eight participants reflected the statement that many hands INDEED make light work. Groups joined together to prepare food for the weekend and prepare camp for the coming summer! Projects included deep cleaning facilities, setting up the campground, and preparing the recreation spaces (volleyball court) that will be enjoyed this summer. If you missed this work & play weekend, please join us for Labor Day Work & Play Retreat at the end of the summer.

PICTURED: Scroll images from the Memorial Day Work & Play weekend.

Trees Cleared with MDS Volunteers

Despite a 27″ inch snow delay, we welcomed volunteers from near and far who worked to remove trees that were threatening as well as trees that were blown over from high wind events over the winter months. There was even a tree that decided to lean horizontally over the camp pond vs. standing by it vertically. One of the few trees that got floated off its location to be removed using the camp boats. Appreciation for all who joined in this important work in preparing for a safe and fun summer camping season.

PICTURED: Scroll images of Mennonite Disaster Service volunteers continuing their important work in responding to blown over trees from winter storms.

Summer staff anticipate summer camping season

We hope you are as excited as our summer staff are for the coming resident, wilderness and family camp season. Camp continues to be blessed with 28 talented young adults who take time out of their busy lives to join together and serve all who will experience the Rocky Mountain ministry this summer. The summer is a bit unique with the additional blessing of 15 returning summer staff who are able to bring their previous years experience, wisdom and established relationships with campers. Meet 10 of the staff below:

Hello! My name is Eli Regier. I am from Newton, Kansas and will be leading music again this summer! I can’t wait to get back up into the mountain air to go climbing and rappelling, sing songs in the chapel, and meet new friends!

Nathan Oostland – At Camp Amigo in Michigan, we would play capture the flag campers versus counselors, specifically running around the woods in the dark, it was always kind of scary but very epic. This summer I’m looking forward to tons of good hikes and getting to know staff and campers!

Natalie Unruh – When I was an 8th or 9th grade camper I climbed Pikes Peak for the first time. We went sledding on trash bags and just had an awesome time on the way down. It is one of my favorite camp memories. My 3 words would be Caring, Adventurous, and Hard-working. I’m excited to meet new people and share new camp memories with all the campers!

Brett LeVan – One of my favorite camp memories was during one of my years at senior high camp. I had chosen to hike pikes peak and as we were nearing the summit, we got stuck in a snow storm. While we were quite cold, our spirits as a group were very high as we were jumping and playing games to stay warm! I would say that bubbly, ambitious, and creative are three words to describe me!

Joshua Kennell – Seeing all of the wildlife and natural beauty!

Stephany Meyer – My favorite camp memory is hiking Pike’s Peak with the junior high campers, and three words to describe myself would be happy, contemplative, and sporty!

Hannah Beck – one of my favorite memories was getting up early with a few campers, trekking down to the pond, and doing the Polar Plunge. I remember lots of chattering teeth and lots of laughter!

Hannah Schrag – Some favorite camp memories of mine include solving riddles with campers on hikes, playing persecution, and (almost) winning monks meal. Three words to describe myself: energetic, goofy, swagalicious. I am excited to get to be back at camp for a fourth summer in a row and to see lots of new and familiar faces at senior high!!

Kennedy Kaufman – I’m so excited to be on staff at camp and be a part of the fun craziness this summer. A fun camp memory of mine is playing a massive game of spoons in the dining room one of my first times at RMMC. I would describe myself as outgoing, charismatic, and optimistic! I am so so so excited to go on hikes and be outdoors this summer and really take the time to appreciate being outside at one of my favorite places.

Sasha Dyck – This summer I’m excited to fulfill my dream of being a camp counselor, and visit Colorado for the first time.

The response to the “Paying the Legacy Forward” campaign in 2020 and 2021 has been nothing short of inspiring. While the coronavirus pandemic uncertainties continue, the financial support received builds a sustainable foundation for the immediate future. Thanks for your ongoing support in this time of ongoing challenges in offering a safe and healthy space here at Rocky Mountain to all who come!

Who’s been helping

Thank you to all of our volunteers this month:

  • Maurice Brigg
  • Jacob Carr
  • Josiah Carr
  • Julie Carr
  • Stephan Goertzen
  • Dawn Harms
  • James Harrel
  • Alicia Horst
  • Bob King
  • Virginia Limbird
  • Matthew McDowell
  • Kenneth McDowell
  • Dave Miller
  • Reuben Peachey Stoner
  • Mil Penner
  • Ethan Rempel
  • Karen Schlabaugh
  • Merle Schlabaugh
  • Paul Unruh
  • Ronald Weaver
  • David Wilcox
  • Marc Yoder

PICTURED: Marc Yoder, Josiah Carr, Jacob Carr & Reuben Peachey Stoner joined in helping with tree removal.

Come volunteer

RMMC relies on the help of volunteers to keep the ministry going. Your help with any camp tasks is greatly appreciated! If you have interest in volunteering, call (719-687-9506) or email ([email protected]) RMMC.

    • Long-term volunteers: help in Food Service, Maintenance, and Housekeeping. Service term can be for up to a year if so desired.

you’ve been spotted

We spotted Andrew Graber wearing his staff t-shirt while visiting Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Please share your “spotted” photo with us by email to [email protected]

PICTURED: Camp resident Andrew Graber is traveling in Europe with the Bethel College Concert Choir.

what you said

Things I appreciated (from Memorial Day Work & Play Retreat evaluations):

  • “All the positive attitudes of the camp staff & volunteers”
  • “Planned activities & fellowship”
  • “Being able to help the camp be prepared for the summer”
  • “Beautiful location”
  • “Good food and accommodations”
  • “Loved the variety of work”
  • “New activity to do for play day”
  • “Chapel time”
  • “The whole thing!”

Did you know


Springtime in the Colorado Rockies is a world unto itself. The third weekend in May when we were planning to host a wedding and planning to begin work with MDS crews, the snow storm came. Unfortunately (and understandably), the wedding was moved to a new location and the tree cutting that was scheduled to begin on Monday, began on Wednesday. It is hard to complain about the much needed moisture as camp was already in a Stage II fire-ban


PICTURED: A few of the scenes after the snow storm.


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