Coronavirus Information


Coronavirus Information

Letter from executive director

UPATE 06/20/21

Who of us would have thought last March of 2020 the coronavirus story would continue through the end the year and still be as impactful as it is in the spring/summer of 2021? Might it actually be the case that things are getting better?

The release of residential camp guidelines in April from the State of Colorado continue to be the road map camp is following in safely offering our resident and wilderness camps this summer.

  • Continue to follow state and local guidelines to ensure the safety of our campers and staff today, tomorrow and for the coming summer program offerings. 
  • Reduced capacity for youth camps. While wilderness camps will continue with our normal 10 camper capacity, resident camps are limited to forty-eight for distancing requirements in buildings. Camper registrations beyond 24 males and 24 females will be added to the online waitlist until any appropriate increases become available.
  • Reduced length of camp week. Summer camps this year begin on Sunday afternoon and end Friday morning after breakfast. This is intended to offer additional time for staff preparation and transition (i.e. cleaning, etc.) between youth camp programs in this unique and challenging time.
  • Arrival precautions are required to ensure all campers will enjoy their week at camp. With the guidelines in place, a positive case would end your camper’s experience and possibly other campers as well, requiring them to return home early. With “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” perspective, we ask the following of all campers before arriving at camp or riding the van:
      • Arrival screening. Campers will be screened for coronavirus symptoms and exposures to COVID-19 in the previous 14 days. AND upload one of the following to the camper registration portal where you initially registered for camp.
            • A COVID-19 vaccine card (now approved for ages 12 and up) OR
            • A Negative COVID-19 test result from the previous 72 hours if they have not or unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine
              (Walgreens offers free, contactless COVID-19 testing for patients age 3 and up at select locations). OR
            • A Physicians note of full recovery from having previously contracted COVID-19 OR
            • Receive a COVID-19 rapid test from camp as a last resort for registration line logistics (please call with questions).
            • (PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who is ill or displaying Covid-19 like symptoms upon arrival will be asked to return home.)
  • Arrival procedure will be an outside registration line to minimize exposure to the camp community. All camper registration and payment details will be required PRIOR to drop-off at camp so that only a health check is required. A camp staff member or cabin counselor will help your camper gather their things and get settled into their cabin.
  • Daily screening of all members of the camp community (i.e. participants, volunteers and staff) will be performed to ensure they are symptom-free before they are cleared to participate in camp activities and work.
  • Masks will be required for all campers and staff while indoors and outdoors unless directed by staff (i.e. hiking and recreation) in keeping it simple for all. Please bring two or more masks with your name on them allowing the opportunity for washing during the week as needed.
  • Amended camp practices and activities. Cabin groups will maintain a 6 foot distance between each other to minimize larger group exposure inside and out. Come bed time, individual cabin groups will stay in two cabins (4 campers and staff member each) for increased space for separation when sleeping mask free.
  • Take advantage of being outside. Being outside is a good friend these days. Always has been hasn’t it? Thankfully, there is an abundance of God’s creation outside here at Rocky Mountain to go around. So bring your sunscreen and your rain gear and let’s all enjoy the fresh mountain air together. Being outside will facilitate the safest space/place for fellowship, games and activities with people outside of specific cabin groups.
  • Care for sick campers and staff. Anyone not feeling well will be taken to the Health Director for evaluation and stay in the infirmary as needed. If Covid-19 like symptoms are displayed, the patient will be given a COVID-19 test. If negative, the patient will be cared for as best possible until able to return to camp activities. If positive, parents/guardians will be notified for pick-up of patient for further care. Campers that need to be sent home will be offered a prorated, refunded amount.
  • Sufficient cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces, equipment, and vehicles throughout the camp will be performed.
  • Provide transportation safely. Masks are required for all individuals in vehicles along with ventilation. The use of masks outdoors is encouraged when distancing cannot be maintained. Seating may be limited to only two campers for each row of seating.
  • Communication. All families of enrolled campers will be notified about occurrences of COVID-19 at the camp and the camp’s response within 24 hours of the case.

Communication during this time

Changes to the status of camp programs will be communicated through multiple channels including our website, social media pages, and direct email communication to impacted participants. Changes to the status of guest group reservations will be communicated through our website and direct email communication to impacted groups.

Impact of coronavirus on camp






  • Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) Spruce Beetle Tree Removal, May 9-17
  • Summer Prep Workday, May 22-25

Guest Groups

When this all began (coronavirus pandemic) back in the spring of 2020, our larger guest groups like family reunions, weddings and church retreats were the first to understandably cancel their reservations. Over the summer and fall of 2020, those cancellations of bigger groups were helpfully offset by individual families enjoying the openings made available in the ridge cabins and Emmental. By the end of 2020, guest group income was off by $42,000. We continue to welcome the interest and willingness of individual families to continue to come and enjoy the space/place camp has to offer. We’ll all see how 2021 will reveal itself.


As a staff, we continue to keep the lights on and camp up and running so that camp is prepared and ready for programs which can be offered. We’re also ready to serve and provide hospitality to our guest groups through comfortable facilities, delicious meals and fun activities for those able to come. However long the impacts of this coronavirus “storm”, our desire is to fulfill the mission statement of the camp in new and different ways. 


Understandably, the loss of program and guest group income in 2020 took a toll. As of the end of the year, camp experienced a $315,000 loss of revenue from cancelled programs and guest groups. Goodness. Thankfully, we are able to minimize the extent of lost revenue with the vast majority of our cancelled program participants donating their deposit to camp as a gift or a willingness to carry forward their registration to a future camp program or next years program. For guest groups, the willingness to rebook their reservation and roll-over deposits to a future date was a significant help.

As 2021 moves ahead, camp remains prayerfully optimistic yet pragmatically grounded. A “One day at a time . . . sweet Jesus” perspective that does not diminish the joy of furthering God’s Kingdom when it is easy and when it is hard. 😀

Precautions taken by camp

People at camp are asked to follow the CDC guidelines for reducing the spread of germs:

      • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect yourself and others.
      • Stay 6 feet apart from others who don’t live with you.
      • Get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to you.
      • Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated indoor spaces.
      • Wash your hands often with soap and water.
      • Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.


    • Dining Hall/Lodge entry door handles, stair railings, light switches and surfaces are disinfected at meal times.
    • In addition to normal bathhouse cleaning, entry door handles and surfaces are disinfected throughout the day.
    • RMMC staff continue to wash bed linens and disinfect plastic mattresses after each use
    • Guests will be asked (per normal) to place used blankets and sheets on the floor.

Food Service

RMMC food service staff practice safe food standards and guidlines in response to COVID-19 including but not limited to:

  • Meals are offered by staff through the buffet line and served food, dessert and drink selections.
  • Tables in the dining hall are spaced apart. Only campers/guests who are from the same household (or cabin group) may sit together at the same table.
  • Markers on the floor offer spacing requirements between campers/guests (not from the same household) as they go through the serving line.

Supporting RMMC during this Time

During this unprecedented time there are multiple ways that you can continue to support Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp and our mission.

  • Keep in touch with us via our web page communications as well as on Facebook and we’ll do our best to keep in touch with you.
  • Join us as a camper or a guest group as government agency directives allow.
  • Pray – With an abundance of concerns to lift up just now, let’s equally remember the abundance of blessings to be lifted up as well. While camp is experiencing negative impacts during this time, we pray that camp can continue to be a positive impact as a place of retreat and community in God’s creation to all who come.
  • Ongoing financial support has and will continue to make all the difference.

Paying the Legacy Forward Campaign

THANK YOU DONORS! With your help, we have raised $190,672 out of our $180,000 goal two months ahead of schedule! These gifts have been critical in sustaining the RMMC ministry over the 12 months since the campaign began in July 1st, 2020. The $15,000 per month from donors represents 1/2 of the $30,000 needed each month to care for staff, program offerings, guest groups and facilities through this coronavirus “storm”. Appreciate your important part of Rocky Mountain!

Frequently asked questions

program FAQs

NOTE: Right along with everyone else, we are responding to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic one day at a time guided by fulfilling our mission statement all while ensuring the health and safety of staff, volunteers, campers and guests.

When will I know if the program I (my camper) am registered for is cancelled? What about the non-refundable deposit?

A “go” or “no go” call will be made no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of our camp programs. We continue to plan for our future camp programs to be held unless the coronavirus guidlines impact our ability to offer it. If circumstances change prior to those two weeks, we will communicate directly with registered campers and update the status of the program on our web site.

Any deposit or payment toward a camp program can be forwarded to a future program, be refunded, or donated to the “Paying the Legacy Forward Campaign.”

What if my family has experienced lost wages or a loss of employment making it unaffordable for me (my camper) to attend camp?

Camper scholarships continue to be available up to 50% of the camp fee through the generosity of donors who want to ensure that money isn’t a barrier to you (your camper) to enjoy a camp experience here at Rocky Mountain. Given the significant impact of this Coronavirus event on so many levels, camp is exploring/seeking additional funding through donations to offer additional financial assistance. Please feel free to contact Corbin Graber, Executive Director with questions.

guest group FAQs

Am I able to make a reservation currently?

Yes, with some limitations. Our facilities with kitchens (i.e. Eagle’s Nest, Sky-Hi-View, Solitude Center, Emmental (6 rooms minimum) are available when your family unit is 10 people or less. If it works for you to join us, please complete our online inquiry form, email or call the main office.

Can I come up for the day just to get out of the house? What activities can I enjoy?

Yes, with a day use fee and some limitations. We ask that you come as a group of 10 or less people and practice social distancing for yourselves and other people you may encounter while here. Thankfully, our outside spaces of camp property and our Pike National Forest “neighbor” should offer ample space for those who come.

As for activities, hiking or boating are great options for sure. If it works for you to join us (following current agency directives), please call us to let us know you’re interested and understand we may need to limit how many groups are allowed to come.

What if my family/group is unable to come to Rocky Mountain because my facility is "closed" per government agency directives?

Should guidelines NOT allow your group to join us, our hope is that groups are able to apply their deposit to a future date or receive a 100% refund if a new reservation is not an option.

What if my facility is "open" and available to enjoy (per government agency directives)?

We hope you’ll join us for your reservation date. If circumstances related to coronavirus continue to impact your ability to come, your family/group has the option to apply the deposit to a future stay.

What if I (my family) has experienced lost wages or a loss of employment making my upcoming reservation unaffordable?

Please feel free to contact Corbin Graber, Executive Director to discuss additional considerations as we all want to support each other in these uncertain times.