Coronavirus Information


Coronavirus Information

Letter from executive director

UPATE 07/25/22

Camp is SO grateful to have been able to offer our resident and wilderness camp programs as part of a safe, fun and meaningful summer (only Sr. High Wilderness I & II camp programs to complete). The sites and sounds of campers and counselors and staff in activities, worship and community building as part of a summer camp experience is a blessing which is NOT taken for granted. Special thanks to all the summer staff, staff, nurses, drivers, volunteers, donors, and board who make it possible.

We now look to wrap up the summer with our Family Camp programs and a final week of Colorado Roots Music Camp. Despite the ongoing and new impacts and challenges of the coronavirus pandemic (i.e. new variant contagiousness, a cancelled food truck delivery one week, etc.), we are SO grateful for the spirit, resilience and joy which has been demonstrated by all. Our participants in fulfilling required camp guidelines and our staff/volunteers serving as the eyes, ears, hands and feet of Christ Jesus here at Rocky Mountain.

Here’s to the rest of a good summer camping season.

Precautions taken by camp

Guidelines / camp practices are offered with “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” perspective. If a camp program were held today, we would ask the following of all program participants:

BEFORE you arrive:

          • Pay online for any amount due to minimize registration lines (and minimize groupings). PLEASE NOTE: To pay any outstanding balance or upload documents, please return to the Register For Camp portal where you initially registered online.
          • If sick – please stay at home. Helpfully, the state of Colorado has recently provided “How Sick Is Too Sick” guidelines.
          • EVERYONE upload a negative COVID-19 test result to your Register For Camp portal (PCR or home test results acceptable) within 3 days prior to camp arrival. Self tests are available at camp. Any positive test at home or camp will require you to stay home and follow the guidelines for “Isolation and Precautions for People with COVID-19.”

WHEN you arrive:

          • Arrival screening. Campers will be screened as has always been the case for child care license and will simply include a check of any illness including coronavirus symptoms.
          • COVID-19 test. If a negative COVID-19 test result within 3 days prior to arrival has not been provided, a test will be administered before admittance to camp. PLEASE NOTE, anyone who tests positive will be asked to return home and wished well for minimal symptoms and a speedy recovery.

WHILE you are here:

        • Masks are optional while indoors and outdoors. Complimentary masks are available.
        • Daily screening of all members of the camp community (self and/or group leaders) to ensure everyone is healthy and will to participate safely in camp activities.
        • Mealtimes can be enjoyed inside or outside to allow for greater spacing for all.
        • Cabin Groups will utilize two cabin facilities to allow for greater spacing for all.
        • Take advantage of being outside which continues to be an extra good friend these days. Always has been hasn’t it? Thankfully, there is an abundance of God’s creation outside here at Rocky Mountain to go around. So bring appropriate clothing (i.e. coat or rain gear) and let’s all enjoy the fresh mountain air together in all seasons. Outside space will facilitate the safest space/place for fellowship, games and activities with people outside of specific cabin/youth groups.
        • If you are ill, see the Health Director or camp staff for evaluation of symptoms and appropriate response per the How Sick Is Too Sick” guidelines from the state of Colorado.
        • Sufficient cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces, equipment, and vehicles throughout the camp will be performed.
        • Communication. Any known occurrences of illness or COVID-19 while at camp will be communicated to those impacted.

Communication during this time

Changes to the status of camp programs will be communicated through multiple channels including our website, social media pages, and direct email communication to impacted participants. Changes to the status of guest group reservations will be communicated through our website and direct email communication to impacted groups.

Impact of coronavirus on camp

Programs in 2020-2021



Supporting RMMC during this Time

During this unprecedented time there are multiple ways that you can continue to support Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp and our mission.

  • Keep in touch with us via our web page communications as well as on Facebook and we’ll do our best to keep in touch with you.
  • Join us as a camper or a guest group as government agency directives allow.
  • Pray – With an abundance of concerns to lift up just now, let’s equally remember the abundance of blessings to be lifted up as well. While camp is experiencing negative impacts during this time, we pray that camp can continue to be a positive impact as a place of retreat and community in God’s creation to all who come.
  • Ongoing financial support has and will continue to make all the difference.

Paying the Legacy Forward Campaign

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that we THANK the over 450 donors who supported Camp financially as part of the 2021 Paying the Legacy Forward Campaign! Your contributions have been invaluable in sustaining Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp through the coronavirus pandemic thus far. Your help brought about the blessing of being able to once again offer our resident and wilderness camp programs to our youth in the 2021 summer camping season.

However, while camp enjoys being IN the woods of God’s creation, we’re not OUT of the “woods” operationally yet! As we prepare for next year, we are looking to raise an additional $180,000 in 2022 to ensure our ability to offer camp programs for youth and adults with the uncertainty that remains in meeting camp needs. A more formal 2022 campaign than has been undertaken in the past will kick off from January 10 through April 1st when camp volunteers will be reaching out for gifts and pledges. Gifts may be received any time during the calendar year.

The Camp Board is also working on exciting long range capital improvement projects as part of the VISION 2030 Capital Campaign. While the Coronavirus pandemic has understandably delayed these efforts, the desire and need to accomplish them is undiminished.