6th & 7th Grade Resident Camp

(ages 10-13)


June 23-28, 2024

Arrival: 4:00–5:00pm Sunday
Departure: 9:00am Friday


6th & 7th Resident Camp

(ages 10–13)


June 23-28, 2024

Arrival: 4:00–5:00pm Sunday
Departure: 9:00am Friday

Resident Camp offers a slice of summer where campers experience the outdoors in a fun and safe community. Campers experience a new adventure while growing in their faith and exploring the Rocky Mountains. A variety of activities during the week-long camp include hikes to a variety of locations, afternoon and evening recreation, arts and crafts, a talent show, and daily campfire worships.

Campers are organized into cabins of 5-9 kids. Only one cabin-mate request will be considered, keeping in mind the benefit of enjoying old friends and making new ones.

Daily worship

2024 Summer Theme: What's the Forecast? 

No matter the weather, God is always with us; in the calm, in the storm, and everything in between. How can we see God amidst it all? Looking to Joshua 1:9 and Matthew 28:20, join in for fun weather-themed games and activities and learn how to see God in all situations, no matter the forecast!


A few examples of the activities campers can experience during their week at camp. View camp activities page.

Hikes to scenic destinations in Pike National Forest

Overnight Campout

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Nature Study

Evening Worship

Evening Trading Post

See more photos and videos from previous years on our Facebook page.

Schedule & PAcking list 




Registration Begins
Games at the Ball Courts/Chapel
Staff Introductions in the Lodge
Evening Worship
In Cabins
Lights Out

Monday – Wednesday

Wake-up Bell
Cabin Clean-up
Hikes (Meet in the Bern Room)
Horizontal Hour
Afternoon Activities
Afternoon Worship
Cabin Time
Trading Post
Evening Worship
In Cabins
Lights out


Animal Survival


Polar Plunge at the Pond
Wake-up Bell
Cabin Clean-up
All-Day Hikes 
Cabin Time
Free time at Ball courts until supper
Evening Worship
Trading Post / Talent Show Prep
Talent Show
In Cabins
Lights out


Wake-up Bell and Pack up
Closing Devotions

Packing list

SUMMER WEATHER – Each day offers a sample of the seasons: spring in the morning; summer in the afternoon; fall in the evening. Even winter can be represented in early June with snow! Rain and hail storms can also come at a moment’s notice just to keep things interesting. Being prepared with appropriate clothing is the key to enjoying the variety of weather the Rocky Mountains offer!

What to bring

  • Clothing Items
    • Warm casual clothing (sweatshirts, jeans, etc.)
    • Light coat/jacket
    • Rain gear (a must!)
    • Cap or hat for sun protection
    • Comfortable hiking shoes or boots (2 pairs of shoes if possible)
    • Warm sleepwear
    • Water shoes (8th & 9 th Graders – shoes must have heel strap for tubing)
    • Swimsuit (one piece or tankini for females and swim trunks for males; for Polar Bear activities, tubing for 8th & 9th Graders, and water activity for Senior High)
  • Bedding / Personal Items
    • Good sleeping bag and pillow
    • Bathroom items (soap, shampoo, towel, etc.)
    • Shower “shoes” or flip flops

    • Other Items
      • Bible, notebook & pencil
      • Day pack or backpack
      • Flashlight
      • Sunscreen and chap stick
      • Sunglasses
      • Water bottle
      • Cameras
      • Instruments/talent for talent show
      • Money for Trading Post (camp store)

    What NOT to bring 

    • Cell phone and electronic devices
    • Pets
    • Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana
    • Illegal substances
    • Fireworks
    • Firearms
    • Dirt bikes or Four Wheelers
    • Drones
    • Clothing with drug/alcohol/tobacco references or log

    registration fees

    Online registration opens one year prior to the camp. Register before June 1st to receive a discounted price for registration. After June 1st, interested campers need to contact RMMC directly for availability.

    Online registration opens one year prior to the camp. Register before June 1st to receive a discounted price for registration. After June 1st, interested campers need to contact RMMC directly for availability.

    good rate

    After May 31


    Better rate

    March 1–May 31


    best rate

    Before March 1



    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions as it relates to registration.


    A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at registration. This represents our promise to save you a space to attend (and turn away others as necessary) in exchange for your promise to come!


    Payment options available through online registration include:

    • Full payment.
    • $50 non-refundable deposit with remaining balance due start of camp.
    • $50 non-refundable deposit with remaining balance paid in monthly installments on 1st or 15th of month.

    We accept payment of e-checks (ACH), credit card payments or written checks or cash when dropping off camper.


    Sibling Discount: when siblings attend one or more youth camps, each camper is eligible for a $10 discount off each camp. This discount is automatically applied during registration.

    Multiple Camp Discount: when one camper attends multiple camps in the same season (ie: Resident and Wilderness camps) you may select a $10 discount off each camp during registration.

    Camper Scholarships

    Rocky Mountain is blessed to have scholarships funded by donors who want to ensure money is not a barrier for a youth to enjoy a summer camp experience. The challenge with these limited funds is to find the right balance of helping as many campers as possible (less money per request to help more campers) while also helping as much as needed (more money per request to help less campers) with the scholarship funds received.

    In this spirit (with the Spirit), we ask families to consider the amount that fits their financial circumstances best. Scholarships of 15%, 25% 35% up to a maximum of 50% will be considered understanding that what we are able to offer may be less than what is requested. We do the best with what we have. Your request may be for the camp fee itself and/or include financial assistance with transportation options offered.

    Step 1: Please contact the Executive Director, Corbin Graber (719-687-9506 or [email protected]) and share what amount of assistance is requested.

    Step 2: A scholarship code will be offered for the agreed amount.

    Step 3: When registering camper, use the "Discount Code" field to reduce the camp fees by the percent of the scholarship code entered (note: this is step 2 in the registration steps).


    While families are responsible to make arrangements for getting campers to and from RMMC, camp offers the following transportation options as part of online registration:

    To/From Hesston, KS

    • Price: $55 each-way per camper.
    • Location: Hesston Mennonite Church, 309 S. Main - south canopy entrance

    To/From Salina, KS

    • Price: $55 each-way per camper.
    • Location: Spangles Restaurant, 1720 W. Crawford St.

    To/From Colorado Springs, CO

    • Price: $25 each-way per camper.
    • Location: REI, 1376 E Woodmen Rd.

    Sunday Itinerary - Go to Camp
    7:00 a.m. – Load vans at Hesston Mennonite Church (Central Time)
    7:30 a.m. – Depart for RMMC (Central Time)
    8:15 a.m. – Pick up campers in Salina, Kansas (Central Time)
    2:45 p.m. – Pick up campers in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Mountain Time)
    3:45 p.m. – Estimated arrival at RMMC (Mountain Time)
    4:00 p.m. – Camp check-in (Mountain Time)

    Friday Itinerary - Return Home
    9:30 a.m. – Depart RMMC (Mountain Time)
    10:30 a.m. – Estimated arrival in Colorado Springs, CO (Mountain Time)
    7:00 p.m. – Estimated arrival in Salina, KS (Central Time)
    8:00 p.m. – Estimated arrival in Hesston, KS (Central Time)

    Register by May 15th to guarantee a space in the van. After May 15th, any remaining spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. A deposit is required to save your space.


    • Arrive at pick-up/drop-off locations 1/2 hour prior to listed itinerary times to maintain schedule as best possible. Cell phone updates from campers and/or van driver can be offered as needed.
    • Campers should have money for scheduled meal stops and/or are encouraged to bring water bottles and snacks for the journey.
    • Health details from from online registration will be used to care for campers as part of the trip.
    • Pack efficiently as space in the van(s) will need to hold both passengers AND belongings (i.e. bag, sleeping bag, pillow).
    • Grade 3 camp and Sr. High Wilderness Camps I & II are NOT currently served by van transportation.


    To/From Colorado Springs, CO

    • Colorado Springs Airport (COS)
    • Antlers Hotel (4 South Cascade St) shuttle stop via Groom Transportation which serves Denver International Airport - DIA
    • Price for each: $25 each way per camper

      Documents & forms

      Please upload the following required forms to the Register For Camp link by May 15th.

      PHYSICAL EXAM - a current (within 24 months) health physical is required to attend all week-long youth camps. This must be completed in order for your camper to attend camp. The physical may be sumbitted on any form but must include the camper's name, date of the exam, camper's condition and the physician's signature (electronic signature is ok).

      COLORADO CERTIFICATE OF IMMUNIZATION - When a school, child care, or camp receives a Certificate of Immunization from the list of states below, schools may accept the document as a valid certificate waiving the requirement to transfer immunization information onto the Colorado Certificate of Immunization with approved certificate.

      Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York City, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming

      If NOT from a state listed below, information must be provided on the Colorado Certificate of Immunazation form and is required for a camper to attend camp.

      Arizona, Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin

      For immunization exemption information, please see: Colorado Certificate of Medical Exemption or Colorado Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption

      AUTHORIZATION FOR MEDICATION (only if applicable) - all medications, prescribed or over-the-counter (including vitamins, homeopathic medication and essential oils) must have authorization of the prescribing practitioner to be administered.

      What to bring to prepare for a week at camp.

      View a sample schedule to see what the week of camp looks like.

      Frequently asked questions

      What does registration look like on the first day?

      Upon arrival, campers go to the Dining Hall/Lodge patio (look for umbrellas) to check-in. Check-in smoothness and efficiency will be directly related to help with the following details before arrival:

      • online payment of camp fees
      • online deposit of trading post spending money for the week
      • uploaded physical exam form
      • uploaded Colorado certificate of immunization
      • uploaded authorization for medication

      During the check-in process, campers willl first meet the health director and staff for a health screening and to turn over any medications for the week.

      Next, required camper infomration will receive one final check (i.e. pick-up authorization info., etc) before receiving their cabin assignment and meeting a staff counselor.

      The staff will accompany campers to get their belongings from their transportation (typically). After a farewell to family and friends, the staff and camper will make their way to the cabin area and move into their accommodation.

      How are grades considered in selecting a camp session?

      The grades for camps listed represent the grade campers will be going into for the next school year. To offer campers and families more options when selecting a week of camp, we have expanded the camp sessions to include an age range to permit campers a grade above or below the listed grade level to attend. Select the camp session that works best.

      How are cabinmate requests considered?

      Being with old friends and making new friends is a wonderful part of the summer camp experience here at RMMC. To intentionally allow for both opportunities with respect to cabin assignments, campers may request to be with one friend, and have that friend request them to be their cabinmate. While all participants are asked to follow this guideline, special considerations may be communicated during the registration process.

      While groups of campers who come from the same school or neighborhood may enjoy hanging out with each other, campers in a cabin who are not part of such groups may find it overwhelming and challenging to join in and make new relationships. Overall, while cabin groups share the same cabin and have an afternoon cabin activity together and rest time, the rest of the day allows all campers to interact with each other at meal, activity and worship times.

      What if my child gets sick or has an injury?

      A qualified Health Supervisor (RN) is on duty throught the week to care for campers and staff. Emergency care is available within 15 minutes in Woodland Park at Pikes Peak Regional Hospital. For the Wilderness program, staff have training and RN oversight while out on the trail. A satellite GPS device is along for communications with camp and if needed emergency assistance. 

      How does Trading Post work?

      Trading Post offers time together in community visit, play games, and enjoy items from the store while at camp. New in 2021, purchases and a running balance for the week is tracked in the same system as camper registrations. This offers the option to return to your campers Register For Camp link and see the trading post balance in real time AND add money to the balance if so desired. Please visit our online Trading Post to see the range of items offered (and prices), including but not limited to snacks, drinks, water bottles, clothing, flashlights and more.

      At the end of the week campers can choose one of the following options for any unspent trading post money:

      • Spend before leaving camp on last day of camp.
      • Move balance to another camp of the camper OR to a sibling going to a future camp.
      • Donate remaining Trading Post balance to the RMMC Camper Scholarship Fund which helps ensure that money isn't a barrier to another camper enjoying a summer camper experience here at Rocky Mountain.
      • Refund to camper (i.e. spending money for the ride home on the Kansas vans).

        Who are your Summer Staff and program leaders?

        Our summer staff are typically students from Mennonite colleges and universities. We run background checks on all of our summer staff and require an application and three references which guide our hiring decisions. A week of staff orientation focuses on the well-being of campers and staff to ensure their physical and emotional safety while at camp. Hike leaders receive Wilderness First Aid and medication administration training. Rock climbing and rappelling supervisors are trained and certified by a professional instructor.
        Camp program leaders are identified for their gifts in ministry and facilitating retreat and community at RMMC. Many are part of a Mennonite Church congregations from near or far. For program leadership (i.e. camp pastors and program directors), individuals are required to fulfill self-disclosure requirements and checks with the sending organization or conference to ensure the pastor’s credentials have never been suspended or terminated due to sexual misconduct (annually). The screening process is intended to ensure that program leaders found to have committed sexual misconduct are not invited to a leadership position.

        Can campers bring electronic devices?

        We ask that electronic devices not be used and either left in the camper's bag or left at home. Our hope is to offer a unique experience away from the normal routines of life in the beauty of God's creation. Devices will be taken, stored in the office, and returned at the end of the week if a camper chooses to not follow this policy. Lost or stolen items are not the responsibility of RMMC. 


        How can I keep in touch with my camper?

        Family and friends are encouraged to write to their camper through mail or email ([email protected]). Please note only emails with text will be printed (not pictures). Campers can send letters and postcards through the camp mailbox. 

        Do first time campers get a free t-shirt?

        All first time campers and the friend they come with will receive a t-shirt as a thank you for coming to RMMC. T-shirts will be given to campers during the week of camp. Grade 3 campers will recive a camp pillow.

        What about correspondence with my camper?

        CORRESPONDENCE – Family and friends are encouraged to write to their camper through mail or email ([email protected]). Campers can send letters and postcards through the camp mailbox. Wilderness campers will receive all letters and emails on the days they are on camp property. 

        STAFF & CAMPER CORRESPONDENCE – All camp staff are encouraged to be a positive role model to the campers during and after camp. All communication after camp should be initiated by the camper and with permission from their parents. Staff are instructed to view all post-camp communications with campers as if they were still present at camp. 

        How can I see photos from a specific camp week?

        To see photos from camp be sure to check out our photo albums on our Facebook Page.

        Can you accommodate special diets?

        Maybe. Our foodservice is able to accommodate dietary restrictions including: lactose intolerant, dairy free, gluten intolerance or sensitivity, vegetarian and veganism. We also accommodate food allergies including: wheat, nuts, peanuts, fish. While we can accommodate these for served meals, please know that RMMC is not a peanut/nut free location serving a variety of campers and guest groups.

        Beyond this list, we may/may not be able to accommodate a camper's dietary needs. Our Food Service Director is available for questions.

        Do you have to be Mennonite to attend camp?

        While teachings are Bible-based and from a Mennonite perspective, campers of all faiths are respected and welcome to attend.