Rustic Cabins

Rustic Cabins

Rustic     Sleeps 9-10/cabin     8 cabins     Bathhouse     80 Sq Ft.

All rustic cabins have similar layouts.

2021 Price: $17/person/night

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Cabin Names: Chickadee, Chiming Bell, Columbine, Juniper, Pine Cone, Ponderosa, Porcupine, Spruce

Sleeping Space: One open room with a propane heater, three bunk beds and one double bed with a single bunk overhead (sleeps up to 9). Columbine has one additional bunk bed (sleeps 11).

Bathroom: Utilizes area bathhouse facility.

Kitchen: None. Guests are required to utilize food service from camp unless staying in an accommodation with a kitchen or the campground.

Housekeeping: There is no daily housekeeping service during guest use. If a need should arise during your stay, please contact the main camp office.

Accommodates: Up to 9 people per cabin (Columbine: up to 11)

Availability: June 1 to September 15. These cabins are used for Resident Youth Camps and Family Camps. 

Dining Hall (DH) / Lodge Side Cabins
Name Distance from DH/Lodge Elevation Gain
Chickadee 278 feet 48 feet
Chiming Bell 238 feet 43 feet
Columbine 260 feet 45 feet
Pine Cone 259 feet 45 feet

Chapel Side Cabins
Name Distance from DH/Lodge Elevation Gain
Juniper 466 feet 20 feet
Ponderosa 360 feet 18 feet
Porcupine 330 feet 16 feet
Spruce II 334 feet 15 feet