Hikes on Camp

Nature Trail

This trail is a mild hike that starts at the main lodge and ends on the boy’s side of camp. Taking you up on aspen ridge and then down into the valley. Enjoy being out in Gods creation with many wonderful sights to be seen.

monkey rock from the rec field

Monkey Rock

This hike is very easily navigated and makes for a good start to becoming acclimated to the high altitude. At the summit you can rock scramble or enjoy seeing camp from up on high.

Overlook Trail

This trail continues on from monkey rock taking you on a scenic overlook of all of camp. Look on to people playing around camp or on the pond while also seeing the expansive pikes peak massive.

Old Wagon Road

Take a trip into the past on the very first road into camp. This trail will take you down the stream that runs through camp. Look out for waterfalls and old wagon wheels on your way down. This can be an out and back hike or a loop passing through the old boys village bringing you up to the ridge cabins.

Park Ridge Trail

This is a short walk to reach the open valley that is home to the Park Ridge cabins. This is a great place to watch sunset light up the mountainside and enjoy the calm breeze coming up the valley.

Solitude Center Trail (Talking Tree)

The talking tree has overcome many challenges growing perfecting in between a bolder. This is a good place to go to enjoy solitude and have a time for reflection.

Outdoor Activities 

Basketball/Volleyball Courts

Located by the chapel the ball courts are for all people of all ages. Games include; basketball, volleyball, foursquare, frisbee and any variations of these games that you know. If you prefer to watch there are places to sit and enjoy the action.


As it sounds this is a nice open space to play bigger group games such as; soccer, ultimate freebee, kick ball, etc.

Log Train and sand box

The log train and sand box is located near the ball courts. Made from trees that had been killed by spruce beetles they now serve as a play place for kids.  

Pond (boating, fishing, etc.)

The pond is a great place to be on a warm afternoon. Two paddle boats, four kayaks, and two paddle boards (1 adult, 1 kid size) are available from sunrise to sunset (fishing gear not provided). While at the pond, children are required to have adult supervision and everyone should wear life jackets while out on the water.

Disk golf course

Camp has a full 18 hole course that takes you around camp and up into the campground. This course can be split into a front 9 and a back 9. The front 9 is good for a shorter game time approximately 30 minuets to complete. The back 9 is more challenging but features many fun unique holes.

monkey rock from the rec field

Gold Mine

Fools gold is the name of the game. This mine shaft reaches 350 feet into the earth coming to a partially mined wall. Though there wasn’t any gold found, the gold mine makes for a fun adventure into the dark.

Indoor Activities 

Table Tennis


Shuffleboard Table


Card and Table games


Staff Facilitated Activities 

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is another great way to experience the outdoors in a unique way. Pulling yourself to new heights with the guidance of a staff member. There are two climbs of different difficulty that we facilitate based on your comfort level. Age 8 minimum.


Let gravity do the work. With a harness and ATC device you are in control. As you feel comfortable you can go fast or slow and even get a couple of jumps in on your way down. Age 8 minimum.

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is a good way to improve teamwork while having fun. There are many different challenges that you will face. As a group you will work together to accomplish each task.  

See Plants & animals

Nature Center

The nature center is a great place to learn more about the high alpine climate home to camp. Displays show a behind the senes perspective of the wonders around from creatures that roam the forest to trees much older than you. 

What blooms at RMMC

View RMMC Flowers – coming soon!

RMMC Chapel during the Summer months

Trees at RMMC

View RMMC Trees – coming soon!

Birds at and around RMMC

View RMMC Birds – coming soon!


Mammals at and around RMMC

View RMMC Mammals – coming soon!

Winter Activities 


A combination of hockey, soccer, but not baseball is the best way to describe broomball. Camp provides brooms, goals, helmets and balls to be enjoyed on the pond. Helmets are required to insure everyones safety while playing. View broomball guidelines.


New for the 2022 winter season, curling is a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice toward a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles referred to as the “house”. Shuffleboard is a related game. View curling guidelines.


Human Curling (An RMMC Original)

A combination of traditional curling and the full contact of bumper cars is Human Curling. Camp provides the ice (otherwise known as the “sheet” in curling terms) and tubes. View human curling guidelines.



Camp has a set of 12 snowshoes available for winter hiking. A good pair of snow-boots are recommended to keep your feet dry while exploring in the snow.  


During the winter months the chapel side is transformed into a winter wonderland. Starting 100ft up the chapel hill the tube run send you across the river and to the ballfield. An exhilarating ride to start your day. Camp provides tubes and maintains the run to ensure the safety of riders. View tubing guidelines.

Gathering Spaces 

Summer wedding in the RMMC chapel.


monkey rock from the rec field

Gold Mine Amphitheater

Inspiration Point