Volunteer at RMMC

Step 1:

Choose the links above for:

WHAT & WHERE help is needed (foodservice/HK, maintenance, van drivers for KS vans) or for Mennonite Disaster Service Fire Mitigation Project

ADDING NAME and signing up to let us know you can join in to help!

NOTE: When signing up online or inquiring to help otherwise, camp kindly requests a weeks notice to let us know you are interested/able to come and help. This helps staff care and prepare for you which in turn helps you care for staff (i.e. time for scheduling, accommodation, meals, projects as applicable). In this spirit, PLEASE call (719-687-9506) or email ([email protected]) should you sign up online, or are looking to arrive in the same week. Thanks for your help with these logistics in advance.

Step 2:

With your inquiry, you’ll receive additional information about logging on to the Staff and Volunteer Online Portal above to enter and/or update the following important information we all prepare for your time here at Rocky Mountain.

  • Complete Medical Form (i.e. allergies, dietary restrictions, health history, camp waivers)
  • Emergency Contact Information

Additionally, background check information will be provided and renewed every 12 months.


The ministry at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp is possible because of the dedication of countless volunteers. From weekend retreats in the fall and winter, to week long adventures in the summer, volunteers can been found at all corners of camp. RMMC is a stronger ministry because of all efforts to keep this place running for guests.

In 2019 we had 233 volunteers donate 5,337 hours (equivalent to an amazing 2.5 full time employees), working on numerous projects, maintaining the camp property and facilities, making meals for hungry campers and guests, and so much more. Thank you to all the volunteers who donate their time and energy to help us minister to our many guests.

Volunteers are needed all year in various positions. As the seasons change, so do the projects and tasks. During the summer season (June-August), we serve meals 7 days a week while during the off season (September-May), we are typically serving weekend groups. While camp is blessed by the beauty of a sub-alpine setting, being at 9,620 feet can offer its own challenges. Rest, good hydration, and patience in adjusting is the best “medicine” to help acclimate regardless of where you’re coming from.


Short term positions are typically two weeks or less with help needed in food service, maintenance and housekeeping. Our goal is to do our best at matching the needs of the camp with the ability, gifts and talents of our volunteers. No application is necessary if you are with us for shorter than two weeks. Please call us to discuss your willingness and desire to join us. As volunteers are helping take care of camp, camp is happy to offer accommodations and meals during your time here.


Long term positions are for two weeks or more. If you are considering a long term position, please complete an application and three references (from people other than immediate family & peers). Rocky Mountain is listed with Mennonite Mission Network as a service location for the SOOP program. Visit the SOOP website for more information and know that we accept their application information as we would our own.

Speaking of SOOP, we were excited to have Matt and Ruth Lehman Wiens who came in October and November of 2020 as part of the SOOP program! They were happy to enjoy taking a much deserved break after Ruth had recently completed her medical training and began her work in 2021. They enjoyed the fresh mountain air with us up here at camp.

Tyler, Amanda, Wyatt (3), and Ellie (2) Yoder are serving a longer term SOOP assignment from August 31, 2021 through the summer camping season of 2022. They are from Lancaster, PA and enjoy the outdoors, hiking, cabin time with family, and cookouts with friends. They will join in the variety of parts that make the Rocky Mountain minististry possible (i.e. foodservice, houskeeping, maintenance, office, program) in fulfilling and sustaining the camps mission statement through the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Volunteer Position Options


Kitchen volunteers are an important part of serving delicious and healthy meals to our campers and guests. In addition to good fellowship, a typical day includes getting the dining rooms ready for the meal (i.e. setting up tables & chairs, preparing drink stations, and cleaning). In the kitchen, you’ll join in the cooking and baking needs for the meal including slicing & dicing of vegetables, fruit and other menu items. At meal times the buffet line is set up and menu items are kept supplied until everyone has been served. Then clean up begins by putting away the food, washing dishes, cleaning counters, etc.

To spread out the day, the morning shift (6:30 am-2:30 pm) helps with breakfast and lunch, and the afternoon shift (11:00 am-7:00 pm) helps with lunch and supper. We try to serve up more than just food from the kitchen, we try to serve up loads of fun too, whether it’s taste testing just-baked cookies, learning new and fun recipes, or “story time”.


 With a variety of facilities and 110 acres to enjoy, there is a good variety and quantity of projects to accomplish in being good stewards of all we enjoy here at RMMC. Maintenance volunteers get the day started with a good breakfast and then are off to respond to the needs of the day whether it be indoors or outdoors, caring for a facility or the natural world or addressing immediate needs or making improvements for the future. The hope is to match the gifts and talents of our volunteers to the needs of camp which includes painting, plumbing, roofing, wood working and landscaping to name a few. While work can include some moderate to heavy lifting, we will always make time for personal care (hydration, breaks) and safety. Time will also be made to prepare for, accomplish, and clean up after the task at hand and be ready to conclude the day with a good supper and fellowship. 

Volunteers moving tree trunk

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I’m interested in volunteering?
Please contact the executive director, Corbin Graber who coordinates the needs of camp by email, [email protected], or phone, 719-687-9506.

Do you allow pets?
Unfortunately no pets are allowed at camp for a variety of reasons including but not limited to wildlife, safety and care for facilities.

Can I bring my family to volunteer?
Yes! If families are interested in volunteering, we ask that one parent works while the other parent watches the children. Parents can rotate working and childcare throughout the time here at camp based on our volunteer needs. Kids are welcome to pitch in as long as the situation provides for their safety and the safety of others.

I have an RV. Can I stay in while volunteering?
Yes! RV sites are available June to September. We’ll need to coordinate site space when you plan to be here but an RV is certainly an option for your housing. Hook up sites include water and electricity with a few sites that also include sewer.

Personnel Policies FAQs

Application Requirements

For Short & Long Term Volunteers

  • Application is requested.
  • Contact camp via email or phone.
  • Volunteers are required to fulfill self-disclosure requirements. Additionally, a backgound check including a Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search will be requested.

    Items Provided by Volunteers

    highly recommend items

    • Transportation to and from camp
    • Warm sleeping bag or bedding
    • Sturdy/work clothing
    • Towels and personal toiletries
    • Mountain boots or work shoes
    • Warm jacket
    • Poncho or raincoat
    • Water bottle
    • Flashlight

    optional items

    • Camera
    • Musical instruments
    • Camping gear
    • Sports equipment


    Volunteers are provided with available facilities at no cost. Housing accommodations range in amenities and will depend on the time of year and the number of guests/other volunteers at the camp. Some facilities are only beds and utilize the area bathhouse. Other facilities are apartment style and include a private bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area. RV hookups with water, sewer, and electricity are available from June to September.


    For Summer Season Volunteers

    • Meals will be provided daily at no cost from the camp food service. 
    • Volunteers may bring/buy personal food items and store it in the Staff Lounge refrigerator or their personal accommodation’s kitchen.

    For Off Season Volunteers

    • Food will be provided at no cost when camp meals are prepared for guests. 
    • When meals are not served for guests, food will be provided at no cost for volunteers to prepare for themselves in their accommodation’s kitchen. 
    • Volunteers may bring/buy personal food items and store it in the Staff Lounge refrigerator or their personal accommodation’s kitchen.

    Laundry Facilities

    Camp has a laundry room with washers and dryers for staff and volunteer use. Laundry detergent is provided.


    Camp vehicles are to be used for camp business only and not available for personal use. Volunteers may have personal cars at camp. All vehicles must: 
    • have adequate liability insurance coverage
    • be parked in designated areas.
    • not be used to transport  campers (legal implications).
    • be operated considerately and responsibly

    Camp Telephones / Computers

    A camp telephone is available for personal use after camp office hours. Everyone is asked to limit the length of personal phone calls  for other staff, guests, and volunteer use. Personal laptops and electronic devices with wi-fi capabilities are welcome to connect to the RMMC wi-fi network.

    Work Schedules & Time Off

    Work Schedules

    • Assigned an eight hour shift each day
    • Shift times will depend on position and needs of camp
    • Typical shifts are between breakfast and supper, and Kitchen shifts from 6:30am – 2:30pm or 11:00am to 7:00pm.
    • Will be given a set time to break for meals
    • May ask supervisor for additional break if necessary

    Time Off (for Long Term Volunteers)

    • 5½ work days with 1½ days off per week
    • Day off requests will be considered to meet the needs of all volunteers/staff

    Rescheduling Responsibilities

    Every volunteer must be amenable to re-scheduling since the nature of our ministry does not allow for a rigid schedule. Conditions sometimes demand occasional temporary changes in responsibilities. All volunteers and staff are asked to be willing to accept such assignments as needed.

    Camper Supervision Policies

    Only camp personnel who have been properly orientated through Staff Orientation week and have had a background check with three references can have access to campers. Authorized camp staff will be the only persons allowed to solely supervise campers for the safety of the camper and staff. As a volunteer we ask that during meal times you sit at the assigned Staff & Volunteers table. If there is ever a time where you find yourself alone with campers, please find the Program Director or Executive Director immediately.

    Personal Conduct

    The use of tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, and illegal drugs do not serve the best interest of the camp and are not permitted.