Paying The Legacy Forward Campaign


Paying the Legacy Forward Campaign

Letter from CAMP BOARD

Early last summer it became clear that RMMC’s programming would be shut down by the Corona virus pandemic (coronavirus impacts on RMMC). That came as a great disappointment to camp participants and staff alike.

We appealed our community for help in sustaining camp through the unexpected year of quiet. Our hope was that if we could raise $15,000 per month, that would cover half of the needed operating expenses for the coming year – with the other half coming from

The response of the RMMC community has been as heartening as the shutdown was disappointing. The needed $180,000 has been contributed in just nine months. Reductions in expenses, and help from the Paycheck Protection Program, have also protected capital reserves for future improvements. This is a moment of appreciation and gratitude for the generosity of so many people.
The coming year carries real hope that we will be able to return to summer programs to some degree. It is likely that numbers will be limited for the sake of safety, but camper voices may soon return to this special place.

RMMC will still need support from donors to make up for anticipated reductions in programming. We remain grateful for those who have set up monthly contributions and those who send individual donations. The most efficient way to continue supporting camp is through the donate button above or sending a check. It has truly been, and remains, a community effort.

Thank you for the support offered over the past year, and thank you in advance for your ongoing help.


Rodney Stutzman

Board President
Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp