PICTURED:  Jr. High Snow Camp Group Photo

It took two tour busses and a convoy of camp vehicles to help bring participants to Rocky Mountain and enjoy Jr. High Snow Camp. Again this year, young adults were invited to serve as program assistants helping facilitate and taking part in retreat activities with youth and sponsors. Participants from the weekend shared the following reflections:

Things I appreciated: “Worship. Snow. Mountain. Being in God’s Creation. Hiking to Monkey Rock. Food. Everything.”

Things I appreciated: “How open and kind everyone is, how things are planned out.”

About the worship time: “I thought the worship times were very interesting. My favorite part was the music.”

Suggestions for future retreats: “Longer time (1 week).” & “Make the tube run longer.”

About the worship time: “Thank you. I LOVED the singing.

About the worship time: “I loved the hymns. It warms my heart to hear the youth learning hymns & singing loudly. I love the high energy songs too. Good mix.”

About the accommodations & food service: “The food was awesome. The beds were comfy.”

Special thanks to the youth, sponsors, young adults and staff which made for a fun and meaningful weekend for all! Please visit the facebook and Instagram posts for the weekend along with enjoying the weekend slideshow images on the Jr. High Snow Camp 2024 FaceBook Album.

PICTURED: Images of Jr. High Snow Camp.

PICTURED: Young adults, resource persons and volunteers who facilitated a fun and meaningful weekend retreat. (back row, left to right): Emily Brandt, Andrew Graber, Jesse Mueller, Sam, Rodger Weaver, Devin Miller (middle row): Micah Wenger, Sarah Neher, Shawna Horst, Josalyn Wipf, Lilly Corkill, Cindy Weaver, Rachel Guyer, Rabia Kübra, April Powls (front row): Derek Klingenberg, Linda Heidner, Emma Graber, Sarah McDowell, Karissa Mast, Sydney Ronan NOT PICTURED: Eli Regier