PICTURED:  MCC International Volunteer Exchange Program participants and staff

Camp welcomed participants and staff from across the country and across the world. For many of the IVEP participants, the two foot of snow on the ground and the four inches of snow that fell, was the first snow they had experienced. With the snow and cold came the opportunity to play in the snow on the tube run and broomball on the pond.

The International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) is a yearlong volunteer work and cultural exchange opportunity for Christian adults ages 18-30 living outside the U.S. or Canada. Rocky Mountain has enjoyed having a variety of participants join our summer staff by helping with our resident and wilderness youth camp programs to finish their time of service after serving at a school placement.

Every year, IVEP participants come from more than 25 countries around the world to volunteer in the U.S., where they live with a local person or family. Since its beginning in 1950, IVEP has emphasized peacemaking and building understanding across cultures. Glad to have them join us!

PICTURED: Images of IVEP participants