PICTURED:  An Englemann Spruce fell blocking the road between camp and the highway

So this story begins when two young hikers who came up for the day to enjoy the snow and forest of Pike National Forest. They parked at the Old Baldy trailhead as the National Forest closes a gate just above to keep vehicles from driving and getting stuck on the road that leads to the Crags trailhead parking. At the end of the day, the two hikers came to the camp office because their vehicle was stuck between camp and the Old Baldy trailhead. With a spirit of “We’re in the camping business vs. the towing business”, camp is happy to offer hospitality to those who are stuck (and it happens far more often than you think) by providing the following:

  • A snow shovel
  • A phone to call for help
  • Phone numbers of local tow truck companies
  • A warm place to wait
  • Bathroom facilities
After getting out, the two young hikers were delayed yet again in returning home as, of all things, a tree had fallen across the road between camp and Hwy 67. What a day for them indeed. With the news, camp responded (i.e. Tom, Sam and Corbin) with chainsaws and tools and cameras. With the help of the two hikers and another local who was also blocked from going home, the tree and branches were cut up and removed from the road.
Just another day of life and times on the West side of Pikes Peak Massif!
PICTURED: Images of the clearing the road