PICTURED:  Sr. High Snow Camp participants.

Senior High Snow camp! ❄️ With over two feet of fresh powder there was plenty of snow to go around! A big thanks to participants, the worship team, program assistants, staff & volunteers for their part of creating a place of retreat and community in God’s creation here at Rocky Mountain. Participants offered the following feedback about their experience:
Things appreciated:
“The community & welcoming people”
“I made a friend”
“Amazing sponsors!”
The worship:
“I liked that the worship included us”
“Nice mix of songs. I liked the hymn/harmony songs.”
Accommodations & food service:
“It was great! Both food service and accommodations were top notch, especially for a camp (I find that a lot of camp food is bleh).
The theme for the weekend of “Faith Fusion” with the following overview:
What is faith and how does it affect my life? A question that many wrestle with in their formative years. Focusing around Colossians 3:17, our sessions will explore the intersection of faith and daily life. Through engaging discussions and activities, we will delve into practical ways to integrate our beliefs into the fabric of our everyday experiences. We will look specifically at a few topics, including:
  • Relationships and conflict
  • Finding purpose
  • Our phones and the internet

How do these topics interact with our faith?

Note: See more photos on 2024 Senior High Snow Camp Facebook album.
PICTURED: Images of Sr. High Snow Camp
PICTURED: More images of Sr. High Snow Camp