PICTURED:  Moose finding a morning meal on the road up to Frontier Boys Village.

The description of the children’s book “Moose on the Loose” fits right in with this mornings experience here on the west side of Pikes Peak Massif. But with a unique RMMC “take” on the books storyline.
“Picture this: it’s a beautiful day in the woods.”
RMMC’s take: Yep. The skies are clear and the air is crisp here at RMMC.
“The birds are chirping―the weather’s good.”
RMMC’s take: Mountain Chickadees and Pygmy Nuthatches (to be precise) are chirping, and the sun is shining.
“You and your friends are camping, fishing, hiking, swimming.”
RMMC’s take: Well actually, Tonya was on her way to work this morning and saw 3 moose near the horseshoe in the road on the way to camp (gate for road to Frontier Boys Village).
“But then day turns to night and something isn’t right. There’s a rustling and a huffing, and a shuffling and a puffing. OH NO, is it a caboose? NO…RUN…there’s a moose on the loose!”
RMMC’s take: Still morning and something is awesome. The response in this situation is “OH YES, it is a moose. YES…STOP…there’s 3 moose on the loose.” What a fun way to start the day than with a greeting by members of God’s creation here at RMMC.\
Footnote: The moose were NOT given a muffin to avoid any the potential additional requests. For a different children’s book. 😀
PICTURED: Images of God’s creation here at/around RMMC
PICTURED: Images of God’s creation here at/around RMMC