PICTURED: Family campers gathered at the goldmine for evening worship.

Summer camp is back

After a year of drought without campers, Rocky Mountain is looking forward to providing singing, recreation, hiking, arts & crafts, morning devotion, BBQ chicken, polar plunge, campfire worship, trading post, nature study, animal survival, rock climbing/rappelling, boat races, cinnamon rolls, backpacking, and many more camp experiences. We are filled with gratitude for the campers, families, guest groups, donors, conferences, churches, volunteers and staff who joined together to sustain RMMC thought this coronavirus storm.

Here’s to a fun and meaningful summer! 

PICTURED: Grade 4 & 5 Resident campers enjoying their activities of the week including animal survival and worship in the Chapel.                          

PICTURED: Grade 8&9 Wilderness II campers enjoyed rock climbing and rappelling along with the beauty of God’s creation at Bushnell Lakes.                  

But wait, even more volunteers and volunteer groups joining in the Rocky Mountain ministry!

A family from Ohio with the SOOP Program along with two youth groups from the plains of Kansas were instrumental in serving campers and guests as well as caring for and improving the camp facilities and grounds.  

PICTURED: The Miller family from Walnut Creek OH were a wonderful addition to our summer staff and volunteer crew as part of the SOOP program. Jodi, Julia, Nathan, and Eric shared their gifts and talents, and passion for ministry in a variety of responsibilities. THANK YOU Miller family for how you blessed and contributed to the Rocky Mountain ministry



Camp was blessed to have the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church youth group join us. They accomplished a variety of projects including but not limited to:
~ starting the scraping/painting the Heidi chalet
~ staining the fence rails in front of Pleiades.
~ adding new steps to Jungfrau chalet’s second pedestrian bridge.
~ repairing/replacing steps on the trail from Main Camp to Park Ridge.
~ thinning trees near the campground and Solitude Center for fire mitigation.
~ leveling the new picnic tables on the DH/Lodge patio
Thanks for your willingness to help.


Thanks to the First Mennonite Church youth group who joined us for some needed and helpful projects including:
~ Fire mitigation at Sky-Hi-View & Solitude Center cabins.
~ Park Ridge trail improvements with steps and erosion mitigation.
~ Staining fences around the Dining Hall/Lodge.
~ Painting new road sign posts.
~ Weed pulling.
~ Cut up tree fall behind Monkey Rock.
~ Removing exterior cobwebs on facilities.
~ Helping with housekeeping.
~ Loading step and concrete debris from trail maintenance.
~ Moving scaffolding for Heidi painting project.
Many hands make light work says it best when it comes to a perspective of stewardship with respect the the variety of facilities and acres of grounds that we enjoy here at Rocky Mountain.

Family campers glad to be back

Is it possible to say that Family Camp this summer feels like it has in years past? Well, we got closer at least. Out of care and concern for our youngest and oldest participants, camp followed the same precautions as was practiced for our successful weeks of resident youth and wilderness camps. Coronavirus vaccination cards or a negative test result were asked for prior to arrival and mask wearing while inside (optional for outside) was part of the week’s experience. Meal times for youth were in cabin groups and meal times for families were in assigned family groups for the week.

Having just under 100 family campers each week felt normal. One participant shared:

“It seemed more like regular camp (i.e. sharing time with family, the hikes, worship a.m. & p.m.)”

We are so thankful for the opportunity to gather together in activities, fellowship and to worship together following the guidelines put in place which make it possible.

PICTURED: Mennonite Disaster Service volunteers (17 in all) came to Rocky Mountain May 23-29, 2021 to continue their work in fire mitigation across the camp property. This included removing beetle-infested trees, blown-over trees from a recent wind storm, and thinning and removing standing and fallen fuels. The effort was additionally supported by MDS foodservice volunteers.

PICTURED: The rain camp has received in the past weeks has allowed many new plants to bloom, adding to the many colors of camp. 


With the success of the “Paying the Legacy Forward” campaign, please consider your support of the camp scholarship fund or the VISION 2030 Capital Campaign.


Who’s been helping

Thank you to all of our volunteers this month:

  • Ron Weaver
  • John Simpson
  • Claire Franz
  • Aaron Voth
  • John & Nadine Voth
  • Marie Voth
  • Sam Reichley
  • Alexanderwohl Youth Group
  • First Mennonite Church Newton
  • John Goshow


Come volunteer

RMMC relies on the help of volunteers to keep the ministry going. Your help with any camp tasks is greatly appreciated! If you have interest in volunteering, call (719-687-9506) or email ([email protected]) RMMC.

    • Long-term volunteers: help in Food Service, Maintenance, and Housekeeping. Service term can be for up to a year if so desired.

what you said

“The food was amazing, I was excited for every meal hungry or not” – 4th&5th grade camper

“I appreciate the all the staff tried to make it fun even during everything going on with Covid-19” – Family Camp I participant 

Did you know?

Camp enjoys rocky mountain spring water for drinking and cooking and all the other things we use water for. There are two spring boxes (aptly named Rocky Mountain Spring #1 & #2) not far above the Jungfrau accommodation above the Dining Hall/Lodge which is collected and piped to storage and treatment tanks behind the Director’s Residence. Since 2001, two water wells have been added to supplement the spring water sources when demand exceeds production. Currently, the water on the Chapel side of camp is supplied by the well just outside the entrance to the Juniper cabin. The second well is located beside the road above the Director’s Residence and can be easily turned on when needed. Campers, guests and staff can use around 47,000-50,000 gallons each month during the busy summer camping season.  


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